Balm – Citronella (20g)


Balm – Citronella (20g)

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Beeswax is a by-product of honey harvesting. It is a natural wax produced by individual honey bees of the genus Apis. Beeswax has non-allergenic properties that can make it a useful skin protector from various airborne allergies. It also provides slight anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant qualities which can benefit the body. Each balm by Last Forest is blended with other natural flavours and oils, to add to the health benefit of the balm.

Citronella balm is enriched with citronella oil and is an excellent insect and mosquito repellent. Apart from this, it is useful for oily skin and excessive perspiration. It has a mild and soothing fragrance.

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3 reviews for Balm – Citronella (20g)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have bought one for my 1 year old son. Not sure if this can be applied on the face too. Please advice. Or should this be used only on the body?

    • Nandan HS

      Dear Ragu,

      Thanks for writing in. We have had several customers using the citronella balm oo their babies and they have worked perfectly well for them but yes only on the body. As we are not sure about using it on the face, it will be better if you abstain from it.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    Shruti Rathour

    Like most of the mothers, i was bit reluctant in applying any chemical as mosquito repellent on my son. But i read about this balm on internet and has been using this for the past 2 years now. This is really effective and has shown no side effects or allergic reactions so far.

    • Madhu Ravishankar

      Dear Shruti,

      Thank you for your positive feedback. We are glad that it is helping you in the right way and we hope that you will continue to buy more from us.


  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    My 2 year old is allergic to mosquito bites and so I have to use mosquito repellents.Due to all the chemicals , he turned allergic to most of them.I found about citronella balm while browsing online to find a natural repellent that doesnt cause any allergic reactions to my son.I was hesitant at first as there were no reviews about this product but still bought it.I have been using this product for the past 9 months and this so far hasnt giving any problems and effectively protecting my son from mosquito bites.The smell itself is soothening and very little product is needed .I love it and so does my son

    • Mathew

      apologies that we did not reply earlier but so happy to hear this

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