From local farms to the international table!

Honey bees are crucial for pollination of vegetables, fruits. Farm and forest food is possible because of these Gardeners of Nature. Keystone Foundation, a not for profit trust, has been working with bees and honey. since the early 1990s. It works with local and indigenous communities on Livelihoods, Conservation Culture, Environmental Governance and other such issues.

place-to-bee-sittingIn 2007, this place was converted into the first Bee Museum of Asia. The posters, displays and the film have a story – a narrative that talk about bees and the people whose lives are dependent on them

In 2015, we added another interesting layer in this space; apart from the Green Shop – run and managed by the Last Forest Enterprises Private Limited, a company that was incubated by Keystone; we launched the Restaurant, based on the principles of Slow Food. It was to create a space that is not only a restaurant but a social enterprise that builds capacity of local and community people, connects consumers to local ecological realities and promotes the values of Slow Food Principles

Slow Food, is a concept that was founded in Italy, which gives importance to locally produced “good, clean and fair” foods, safeguarding agricultural biodiversity, at risk of extinction and giving visibility and the proper value to their supplying producers.

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