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Women at the wheel in the Nilgiris
From: People’s Archive of Rural India
By: Priti David
Among the Kota of the Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu, only women can practise pottery. The craft’s strong religious roots have kept it alive, and attempts to commercialise or modify the traditional products are being debated…
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Tribal entrepreneurship is booming in India and these 8 startups are showing the way
From: Your story
By: Sourav Roy
Fighting the lack of accessibility and neglect, tribal hamlets in India have turned problems into opportunities. These 8 startups are working towards tribal-centric sustainable and inclusive development…
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India: PGS supporting organic
From: Organic Market
The Participatory Guarantee System (PGS)  is a locally focused quality assurance system built on trust, social networks and knowledge exchange. In the south of India there are some interesting examples…
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Last Forest: Balancing Buisness And Conservation In The Nilgiris
By: Maya Kilpadi
The Blue Mountains are a jewel in the crown of the Western Ghats. They are home to a wealth of endemic floral species and to many indigenous tribal communities…
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TBI Blogs: A group of volunteers came together to clean up trash-Chocked Ralia Damin Tamil Nadu
From: The Better India
By: Last forest Enterprises
The efforts and determination to have cleaner water drove a group of volunteers to undertake a mammoth cleaning effort at Coonoor’s Ralia Dam…
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Making do without blue in the Blue Mountains
From: People’s Archive of Rural India
By: Olivia Waring
R. Krishna is something of a celebrity in Velaricombai village of Kotagiri panchayat, Tamil Nadu. He has acquired local renown for his mastery of traditional Kurumba painting techniques…
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Meet the Honey Hunters of the Nilgiris – the Men Who Risk Their Lives for Your Sweet Jar of Honey
From: The Better India
By: Last forest enterprises
Audra Caroline Bass explores the seasonal journey made by the honey hunters of the Nilgiris to retrieve wild honey, and transfer it to modern markets for consumption…
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Last Forest is providing livelihood to over 6,500 tribals in remote Nilgiris
From: YourStory
By: Hema Vaishnavi
Nestled in the heart of the gorgeous mountains of Nilgiris, Kotagiri is located near Ooty and Coonoor,  popular hill stations in Tamil Nadu…
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In Chase of Honey
From: Skylife
In the Blue Mountains of South India, things happen in a different way. All over the world, bees are vanishing mysteriously, but here it’s the honey gatherers who are at risk of disappearing…
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Honey Hunting in the Nilgiris
By: Riccardo Bononi
The honey hunters of the Nilgiri mountains in India, belonging to the tribal groups Kurumba and Irula, specialize in harvesting of the precious bitter honey of the Apis dorsata, the largest and most aggressive bee species known today…
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10 innovative ideas that could simplify life
From: Yahoo
Spark the Rise is a unique online platform for change-makers across India to connect with one another, collaborate and exchange ideas, procure volunteers and donors, and to compete for monthly grants from Mahindra. Here are the top ten innovative ideas that have clear purpose and vision…
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It Pays To Be Exotic
Mathew John, 47, may have studied at IRMA, Anand, but it wasn’t until he and his two friends spent a year backpacking through Tamil Nadu that their love for finding and scaling up wonderful local products became a career choice…
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Kotagiri – Where the Blue Mountains turn green
From: Yahoo Blog
By Ramya Sriram
My first introduction to Kotagiri was through someone who had lived there and claimed that it was the prettiest place in the Nilgiris…
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Coonoor and Nilgiris: A Higher Calling: Destinasian Magazine Feb 2009 issue
From: Shoba Narayan’s Blog (GSO)
By: Shoba Narayan
The cool Blue Mountains of Tamil Nadu may not be as sedate as they were a generation ago, but they’re still a very special place, as one returning devotee discovers…
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A Creative Approach To Conservation
From: Nature in Focus
By: Aadya Singh
Wildlife conservation and community livelihoods are often at odds with each other, but some organisations and individuals have found a way to tie the two together…
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Shopping in Ooty

From: Holiday travel
Ooty and Nilgiris are well known for a variety of local products like tea, eucalyptus oil, chocolates, spices and gourmet cheese. There are a lot of shops that deal these products, though you have to be careful you get an authentic product…
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Pictures of Giants Honey Bees India
By: Eric Tourneret
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