Board of Directors

Picture of Mathew John - Last Forest

Mathew John

Most active member of the board, Mathew is the managing director at Last Forest and a Co-founder at Keystone Foundation.
Picture of Snehlata Nath - Last Forest

Snehlata Nath

Co-founder and director at Keystone Foundation, her friendly demeanour makes it easy for anyone to approach her for her insights. Helps out with product development at Aadhimalai and Last Forest
Picture of Pratim Roy - Last Forest

Pratim Roy

Co-Founder and director of Keystone Foundation, his spontaneous ideas and unique perspectives keeps everyone on their toes.
Picture of Somnath Sen - Last Forest

Somnath Sen

Always an exciting atmosphere among the team when he is around. His straightforwardness on things make him a crucial member. A freelance consultant, primarily with the World Bank
Picture of Bhupi Maru - Last Forest

Bhupi Maru

Staunch businessman who never fails the team, he has been influential in sourcing organic suppliers and products. Founder of Bon Appetit, Pondicherry.
Picture of Sekhar Seshan - Last Forest

Sekhar Seshan

A result driven senior finance executive with over 30 years of experience in a finance environment; international experience of having worked in an Fortune 500 company, as a Country Finance Director; handling accounts across the globe; knowledge of regional finance and business practices. Since his association with Last Forest 5 years, he has changed and revolutionized the way the organization has analysed its finances. His ability to make the toughest of concepts real for local team members has made a key member.