Head Office

Picture of Mathew John - Last Forest

Mathew John

Anyone up for a good game of tennis? / The Boss-man
Picture of Nandan - Last Forest


A walking calculator, our marketing head Nandan thrives on data. The way he effectively combines statistics and quick thinking to head the sales and marketing at Last Forest, is a colossal asset to the company. Whenever he gets the chance, scaling mountains is something he savours.
Picture of Aritra Bose - Last Forest

Aritra Bose

Aritra manages Place to Bee - our slow food restaurant in the busy little hill station of Ooty. An avid foodie, he is devoted to spearheading the activities at the restaurant. His perception on aesthetics and design is an addition to his arsenal of skillsets that he brings to the organisation.
Picture of Teny Ann Johnson - Last Forest

Teny Ann Johnson

Smiling in the face of pressure is something that comes flawlessly to Teny, our procurement manager. She simultaneously takes care of the administrative duties of the organisation as well. Her efficient demeanour of handling things has made her indispensable to Last Forest.
Picture of Miller Ashok - Last Forest

Miller Ashok

The energy level that Miller functions on are unparalleled to anyone else in the team. He is the senior most member of the sales and marketing team and uses his vast experience in the field to deliver beyond expectations time and again. He is famously known for his dazzling dance moves!
Picture of Monica - Last Forest


With a decade of meticulous handling of finances under her belt, Monica is our accountant who has transformed herself into a member of core importance at Last Forest. She consistently observes and questions every element of the company to ensure its smooth running. She can often be heard singing softly at her desk.
Picture of Marimuthu - Last Forest


Honey, being the core product of Last Forest has a whole section dedicated to its testing, packing and delivery. And in charge of this section is Marimuthu. He diligently anchors the activities taking place in the honey section. Open to learning, he has found a space where he strives to be an effective leader.
Picture of Frango Thomas - Last Forest

Frango Thomas

Frango is the driving force of operations in the enterprise. He guides his team with robust systems to ensure smooth flow of activities. His wit and offbeat perceptions to life contribute to a great deal of moments of laughter within the team.
Picture of Madhusudan - Last Forest


Madhusudan is the artistic eye of Last Forest. His command over creative writing makes him the dedicated and efficient Communications Manager. Madhu never says no to anyone or anything (we are training him to say “NO”). He has found his space in the organisation and is very happy with what he does.
Picture of Malathi - Last Forest


It’s been just under a year that Malathi, a local resident of Kotagiri joined our roster as an assistant at one of the most essential fulcrums of the organization – accounts and finance. She is an avid worker, who refuses to budge until she has finished the tasks allocated to her. She’s extremely quiet, and sometimes, one needs to actually see her to acknowledge her presence in office.
Picture of Immanuel - Last Forest


In his second stint with us, Immanuel has become part of the procurement team and has taken over with tremendous energy. He instinctively stays on his toes all the time and is reluctant to stay in one place for long periods of time.
Picture of Dayal - Last Forest


Has recently made the transition to the sales and marketing team of Last Forest, where he has found his true calling! He has taken up the responsibility of handling our top dealers as soon as his shift was done from accounting.
Picture of Pravin - Last Forest


Prior to cementing himself and becoming a significant part of the sales and marketing team, Pravin has set a benchmark that has yet to be matched at the Green Shop in Coonoor. His relationship with his customers is unparalleled.