Copper Bells
Copper Bells

Copper Bells

Handcrafted bells made from recycled copper, by communities in Kachchh. 

These metal bells, burnished in copper and brass, have long adorned the necks of the cattle, camels, sheep, and goats that graze in Kachchh arid plains. The bells signify each animal’s status and position in the herd.

Today, the use of Kachchh traditional bells has expanded; they hang in entranceways, are combined with metal frames to create wind chimes, are finely tuned to become musical instruments, and are used as other forms of festive decoration.

Product Dimensions: 

Small Bell:
Height - 1.5"
Diameter - 0.95"
Weight - 12-13 grams 

Medium Bell:
Height - 2"
Diameter - 1.2"
Weight - 15-17 grams 

Large Bell:

Height - 2.5"
Diameter - 1.5"
Weight - 20-25 grams

Extra Large Bell:

Height - 2"
Diameter - 1.2"
Weight - 40- 45 grams 

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