Rosemary Infused Honey (250g)


Rosemary Infused Honey (250g)


Last Forest Sweet Honey is high quality, sweet honey from the Nilgiris. Collected from hives of the Giant Rock Bee, our honey is of the highest purity and quality. With the enhanced medicinal qualities of wild honey and due to its minimal processing, Last Forest’s Sweet Honey is perfect for all of your sweetening needs.

Rosemary leaves are now infused in this honey to heal cold, cough and congestion. It helps in immunity building, enhancing memory and concentration and prevents brain aging.

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Our honey is 100% pure, wild, and unadulterated, collected from the large combs of Giant Rock Bees (Apis Dorsata), who nest on high cliffs and tropical trees. Last Forest facilities then package the honey, ensuring it maintains it remains all-natural and high quality before sending it to consumers.

Indigenous communities use their traditional knowledge along with sustainable practices when harvesting honeycombs. Last Forest’s wild honey has medicinal properties, and can help with colds, coughs, congestion and building immunity.

In collaboration with Aadhimalai Producer Company and the Keystone Foundation, all our honey is fair trade, and supports honey hunters across the Nilgiris.


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