Honey & Jaggery Beeswax Soap(100g)


Honey & Jaggery Beeswax Soap(100g)


Honey has antioxidantand humectant properties, is great for dry or damaged skin. Because of its antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, raw honey helps kill bacteria that may cause acne and will help skin heal faster.

Jaggery helps in treating and preventing many skin problems such as acne and pimples. Hence, it helps in keeping the skin blemish-free. It also delays the signs of aging such as wrinkles, dark spots.

These two ingredients are now combined with beeswax to give you the maximum solutions for your skin problems.

This organic beeswax handmade soap is one of Last Forest’s lines of all-natural beeswax-base soaps. Beeswax contains Vitamin A which softens the skin, and has moisturizing properties. Beeswax soap is exceptionally good for skin and body health.

Our soaps are handmade in small batches to guarantee a consistently high-quality product, and made with indentations to improve lathering. We recommend this beeswax handmade soap for all skin types, but it is especially effective for those with oilier skin.

Made in collaboration with Aadhimalai Tribal Producer Company and the Keystone Foundation.


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