Toda Keychain

185.00 150.00


Toda Keychain

185.00 150.00

This keychain is a great way to keep your valuables on hand, while showcasing beautiful Toda embroidery. Handmade by the Todas of the Nilgiris, this product is GI, and fair trade certified.

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Made by the Toda community of the Nilgiris, these embroidered products are handmade and certified with a Geographic Indicator (GI). These embroideries have been a part of Toda culture for countless years. Beautifully embroidered with red and white strands upon a white background, the Toda people consider their work as an homage to nature’s beauty. Carefully crafted by artisans who have been handed down the craft from their parent

These beautiful Toda works of art are available through our collaboration with Toda communities, providing them a fair price for their exquisite goods.

Made possible by the Todas of the Nilgiris, and in collaboration with the Keystone Foundation.


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