• Mathew John

    Mathew is the co-founder and Managing Director. Apart from that he is also a director of Keystone Foundation, a World Board member of IFOAM, an active member of Fair Trade Forum – India, and an influential member of PGS both at the national and international levels.
    His work with a local community has led Geographical Indicator (GI) tag for Toda embroidery. Local bees wax soap is also now Craftmark certified.
    Some news articles about him:

    2014 – Amazing Indian on Times Now
    2013 – Yahoo News
    2012 – Tehelka
    2010 – Business Outlook
    2008 – BBC World Challenge
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  • Nandan HS

    A run away from the IT Bangalore crowd, Nandan joined us a little more than a year ago to head the marketing and sales team. He has brought in his corporate experience to the social enterprise world and has worked to blend the skills and functions. Keen on social media and digital marketing, he is always willing to take on challenges and makes an effort to realise them.

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  • Aritra Bose

    Communications to food, Aritra is the sole team member who shuffles between Ooty and Kotagiri working three days in each town every week. Websites, social media, newsletters, photos, design and Place to Bee, he has his plate always full! He is a proud member of the Slow Food Nilgiris convivium and dreams of opening more organic restaurants and becoming a thriving farmer.

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  • Frango Thomas

    In-charge of stocks and working towards a better inventory management, Frango works closely with procurement, the marketing team and the Green Shops. He is the operations manager that has taken on extra responsibilities of admin and HR, and is also involved in out of the box policy making. Her unique perspective to situations keeps everyone alert as well as entertained.

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  • Daisy Monica

    Head of accounts and a strict taskmaster, Monica handles cash meticulously and follows every transaction that takes place! She has also taken on extra responsibilities and stepped out of her daily routine to ensure smooth operations of the stores. She is one of the most dedicated and sincere members of our team.

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  • J Miller Ashok

    Senior most member of Last Forest, Miller has vast local knowledge, is an expert in honey, made for road trips and a graceful dancer inspite of his healthy appearance! Our go to man in case of emergency as he is ever willing to help every single person. He shares his experiences with the team at large and is open to learn from the young team around him.

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  • Madhusudan R

    Madhu is the unassuming model of Last Forest, a one man show of procurement. From ball point pens to labels on honey bottles to the tastiest of flakes, he rakes in all to efficiently manage our inventory. He is by far the quietest person on board, and often making him talk is a friendly challenge amongst colleagues.

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  • Sangeeth N V

    Sangeeth has been with Last Forest for a little over two years and he has been a welcome addition to the marketing team, carrying out orders deftly and to partners across the country. A friendly face in the workplace, his enthusiasm to carry out orders on time has a positive effect on all the staff to work efficiently.

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  • Saravanan Rajan

    A native of a hamlet near Kotagiri, Saravanan is a Computer Engineering graduate.  Loves to work with the communities and is now exploring avenues to take the products of these groups to the market at large.

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  • Dayal Mohan

    Dayal has been part of the team since a year as an accounts assistant. He helps Monica with cash dispensing and meticulously follows up the daily transactions. He dreams of one day becoming an auditor.

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  • Mari Muthu T

    With a perpetual look of determination on his face, Marimuthu seems to be on a silent mission all the time. Recognised throughout the team for the ease and familiarity with which he interacts with everyone, he leads his team by example. Immaterial of the workload, he is always willing to take on more responsibilities and can be completely trusted with the tasks assigned to him. He is currently the head of the honey section.

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  • M Mala

    Mala has been with us for over a decade and knows the trade in and out. With experience backing her up, she is looked up to by colleagues for her timely delivery of tasks and high quality of work. Petite in her demeanor, she almost always has a smile and works through her tasks incessantly.

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  • M Mahendran

    The younger brother of Mala, Mahendran is a quiet, jovial individual. Usually a solitary worker, his background of being an Irula aids him in processing honey and understanding its characteristics quickly. Being one of the seniors
    in the honey section, he is well versed with all tasks and willingly helps the newcomers.

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  • Sunil Joshwa

    A local boy of Kotagiri, Joshwa is the most fashion conscious person on the team! Primary responsibility lies in the honey section with dedicated daily tasks, and he pitches in regularly with local deliveries and dispatches. Always keen to learn English and can be seen persistently asking his colleagues to help him with the language.

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  • Francie Rosaliya

    The main pillar of the packaging section, Francie is a smiling task master who can at times be ruthless with her colleagues who make silly mistakes. If anyone needs any information or status on any product or order, she is the go to person at all times. She takes up complete responsibility and ownership of everything that passes through her building.

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  • Asia Begam

    With a friendly demeanour, Asia efficiently cooperates and works with the entire team. Her ability to maintain neatness in all that she does, with her detail oriented nature brings in added value to the packaging team.

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  • J Jancy Nirmala

    In spite of having worked in various fields and organisations before joining Last Forest, Jancy was a nervous beginner. Her gratitude for being given a fair chance at work speaks for itself, and she is always a positive person. Now with her brother and her son working on the campus, she literally feels at home.

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  • S Prabhu

    Shy when he joined, Prabhu is a silent performer and speaks with his actions. Having easily synced in with what was an all women team, he keeps everyone on their toes by noticing the smallest of mistakes. He then points them out with a laugh and quietly goes back to his tasks.

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  • Kokila Vani

    Kokila has been working since close to five years as a sales executive in the Kotagiri Green Shop. She has been constantly improving and is now also training new members and assistants at the stores. Her infectious smile and
    wealth of information about the products makes her a favourite amongst customers.

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  • S Vijaya

    Vijaya is the sales executive at the Kotagiri Green Shop and she has been with us since two years. Being the senior most person in our stores, she maintains her store strictly adhering to rules.

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  • Pravin James

    A local boy of Kotagiri, rides down every day to the Coonoor Green Shop and manages the store meticulously. He is efficient in his endeavours as the store in charge and has registered himself as a customer favourite primarily attritubed to his cordial attitude. He also has a passion for computer applications.

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  • Divya Karthik

    Divya is the only one in the entire team to daily hop on to the famous Nilgiris heritage train to get to work. She efficiently manages a busy life between her duties at the Ooty Green Shop and taking care of her two young children.

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  • Emimalu Shantakumari

    A native of Ooty, Emimalu works as a sales executive at the Ooty Green Shop. A sincere worker with dedication to all that she does, she has been steadily progressing and takes on extra responsibilities without complaints even after her
    daily working hours.

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  • Gopalakrishnan

    Often called as the gentle giant, a smile is always round the corner for Gopal. Being big in built has its advantages as he shifts heavy containers in the honey section without batting an eyelid. One of the quietest members of the Last Forest family, Gopal is a sincere employee and a consistent performer.

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  • Abhijeet Majhi

    Abhijit, as the head chef of Place to Bee has become a very important part of the team. From fishing out new dishes for season’s special to grooming the sous–chefs, he is leading the kitchen by example.

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  • Purna Bahadur

    Purna is working his way up the restaurant – quite literally! Our main Pizza man now takes care of the guests and manages the daily chores of the restaurant. An integral part of the team, he can be trusted with any task.

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  • Surendra Saud

    Surendra’s progress and growth has been steady. He is the backbone of the kitchen and makes sure everything is in place.

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  • Rani Amala Mary

    Rani, called as Rani akka ensures that the team is in good shape and health! The eldest in our team, she takes care of the crockery, cutlery and the utensils. The best part – she brings fresh homemade breakfast for all, every single day.

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  • Gobinda Majhi

    Gobinda is the younger brother of Abhijit. He has been with us since a year and has taken over the Pizza kitchen. A quick learner, hard worker and a great football player!

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  • Vijay Kutti

    Vijay, a close friend of Purna walked into the kitchen six months back. He is slowly and steadily learning the trick
    of the kitchen and assists Gobinda.

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  • A Lavanya

    Relatively new to the team, Lavanya has settled in quickly. Helping Rani akka with the dishes and the hygiene of the restaurant.

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  • Thatteus Kumar A

    Thatteus is also a newcomer into the kitchen and helps in anyway he can! Has picked up all the daily routines and
    works hand in hand with Surendra.

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Srivatsan and Gita
Srivatsan and Gita, Coimbatore-based chartered accountants continue to be the auditors of the organization since 2005-06.