Thoughts from Within – Miller

millerLast Forest would not be possible without the dedicated staff who have worked tirelessly to make this ethically minded enterprise possible! One such member of the Last Forest family is Ashok Miller, who has been a part of the team from the very beginning. In fact, he first joined Keystone Foundation in July of 1996 as an office boy. He remained a prominent member of the Keystone team and has had a slew experiences, from how to make bees wax and lip balms to how to do beekeeping! When Last Forest was established in 2010 he willingly made the courageous jump to the team and now is a head manager! His current work is to supervise the honey collection and procurement from the forest, to packaging, and finally dispatching to local dealers; to promote sustainable harvesting and Fair-Trade, and be willing to take risks for the promotion of a value product. Miller’s favorite part to working for Last Forest – going directly to see the honey collection during the honey hunting season! He not only gets to see the collection process but also how the tools are made and stays for a night or two with a community of honey hunters. He looks forward to this every year! Another great part to Miller’s job is the fact he gets to travel and promote the sustainable development practices of Last Forest across India and has even gone as far as in Italy! Miller is a constant jovial character in the office and always bustling around with work. We are so fortunate to continue to call him a member of our family! From office boy to enterprise extraordinaire!

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