Thoughts from within – Sangeeth

Sangeeth has worked with us since joining December 8, 2015. This was soon after completing his Bachelors of Commerce at Konjanadu Arts and Sciences in Coimbatore as well as MBA in financial marketing. Although his job here is his first, his relationship with Last Forest started long back. He was raised in Kotagiri and went to school in the area, so was also present during the construction of Keystone’s campus, even before Last Forest existed. He knew this place worked with the indigenous groups in the area but was not deeply aware of the activities going on, and certainly had no idea he would become part of the family.

After finishing up his education he searched for a job for 6 months, not quite sure of where to go or what to do with his degree. There was a job opening at Last Forest that required his financial/marketing skills and he was hired. He was, of course, delighted to have found a job but he was not expecting to find so much more. In so many other places, from the business sector to the NGOs, your focus only on your role in that organization and develop you knowledge at that specific setting. Yet, at Last Forest and Keystone diversity of knowledge is made possible and strongly encouraged. If you have an interest in a project, want to help another group, or simply want to learn then all you have to do is ask and join the team. Sangeeth expressed how much he loves that in the work space because he not only develops in his work focus but can learn many other things too. In addition, Sangeeth was brought up in Kotagiri, a place he considers paradise with it expansive beauty and ideal weather. The atmosphere is simply different here, both the people and the environment, and that makes all the difference. At least, it did for Sangeeth!

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