Aromatherapy Oil - Lemongrass
Aromatherapy Oil - Lemongrass
Aromatherapy Oil - Lemongrass

Aromatherapy Oil - Lemongrass


Lemongrass oil is extensively used as a diffuser for aromatherapy because of its sweet, lemony aroma which is excellent to ward off unpleasant smells and headaches. Essential oil extracted through steam distillation from fresh & partially dried grass. Might help in scabies, tissue toner, muscular pains, poor circulation, colitis, indigestion, gastro – enteritis, fever, infectious diseases etc. It has a sweet ‘lemony’ aroma, excellent for vaporizing and banishing unpleasant smells. Uplifting and refreshing – good for tired, sweaty feet or as a rinse for greasy hair. In traditional Indian medicine, this oil has a long history of use against infectious illness and fevers

Aromatherapy - Lemongrass oil has a relaxing smell, that is bound to relax your mind and body

Fair Payment - With each purchase of these oils, you give back to the community and the women who work hard behind these products.  

Long Lasting - Just a few drops of this oil is effective enough. meaning it lasts for a really long time!  


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