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Spiced Honey Box (4 x 250g bottles)

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Warm your spirits and fire up your creative cooking experiments – all while boosting your immunity this rainy season. Full of raw pollen, vitamins, and spiced golden goodness... this cozy spiced honey box contains: 1 Black Pepper honey, 1 Nutmeg honey, 1 Cardamom honey, and 1 Thyme honey (all are 250g bottles)!

Nutmeg • Nutmeg is believed to have pain relieving and detoxification properties and is traditionally used to aid digestion. The spice is traditionally grown in the forests of the Nilgiris, and we love to use this honey on everything from our morning dosas & pancakes to our payasam.
Cardamom Cardamom is believed to reduce blood pressure, increase circulation, and be rich in antioxidants. We think this honey is a perfect sugar replacement in tea, or a perfect level-up to take your baking to the next level.
Thyme • Thyme is an herb believed to be rich in vitamins C and A, with benefits for stomach, digestion, and mood. We love this honey as a secret ingredient in salad dressings or as an addition to savory recipes. In our thyme honey bottle are whole sprigs of homegrown thyme that continue to infuse over time.
Black PepperBlack pepper is believed to aid digestion and throat ache. Nilgiri Black Pepper is grown in the forests, and is known to pack a punch! We love to use this honey in warm water when the rains are getting to us and our bodies need a pick-me-up. 

This same healthy delicacy in your bottle has been used by Indigenous communities for centuries to prevent cough and cold while building immunity. The spices in these honeys also provide additional warming and body-helping benefits. 

Single species, multi-floral Apis dorsata (Asian Giant Rock Bees) pollinate from the diverse flowers available in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, bestowing the honey with unique colors & benefits. 

Unprocessed - This honey is unprocessed - no heating, pasteurizing, nor squeezing. All the nutrients remain intact right from the hive to your bottle. 

Sustainably Harvested - These four raw honeys are collected sustainably from the wild hives of the Giant Rock Bee (which nests in the high cliffs and trees in the forests of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve). Indigenous knowledge of the forest ensures hive health and that bees return unharmed to the hives after honey collection.

Natural Spice Extracts - The best organic spice extracts are infused in this bottle, bringing you the freshest, most aromatic smells and tastes to your palate.

Uniform Infusion Process - The organic spice extracts are uniformly infused in the honey, giving you the best of both worlds of forest honey and ginger extract! 

Eco Friendly Packing - These bottles come in eco-friendly packing - corrugated boxes ensuring zero breakage and less harmful packaging! And you can re-use this fun colorful box for household storage or other gifting needs.