Intricacy of the elements

Have you ever been up close to the chunks of a honey comb which hold so much - apart from honey, the bees wax, the pollen, the larvae, they all form part of the ecosystem that the bees build for themselves! ⁣
Like all forms of collection and gathering, there is always an element of something gone but the bees return and the cycle of honey gathering goes on!⁣
Its been thousands of years - do we give space for that symbiotic relationship to thrive or are we always taking for ourselves? 
Every time we watched them climb down those cliffs and trees, it was a re-affirmation of the timelessness of these traditions which have have survived and evolved over centuries! ⁣
May we not only enjoy the bounties of nature but be an active part of this conservation journey!
Photo from the year 1996, a part of the honey hunting process.
Memoir - Mathew John 

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