Well, you may see a very different physical version of Ashok Miller presently-but what has not changed is his enthusiasm, energy and intensity. He was the first local staff, joining Keystone in June 1996! 

Extremely intrigued to be working in an organization that was interested in bees and honey. However, he plunged in taking whatever task was thrown at him. Along the way, he learnt to drive a bike and then graduated to a 4 wheeler!

He soon realized that markets and customers interested him much more and it turned out to be an awesome change. He loves to talk about his experiences and is a wealth of support and encouragement to all who join the organization, patiently schooling folks into the ethics and values of the organization! 

He is ruthless when he detects a sense of complacency in anyone but gentle when he knows that your heart is in the right place. Language is no bar for him as he can get his message across to anyone. 

His obsession with quality of honey purchased and sold has made him an invaluable member of the team. He has seen it all - make time for him and I assure you that your journey will never be the same again! 

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