Super foods are the future

Today, millets are a buzzword. Everyone is talking health, nutrition, safe food. Rewind to the mid 90's and it was an unknown term, associated with those who could not `graduate' to the wheat and rice that became an aspiration!
Many of these communities lost their inherent immunity - blood counts were at a ridiculous 3-4 and doctors shocked that they were even walking, forget about the physical labor that their lives demanded - venturing into the forests, collecting and harvesting produce! 
The realization was painfully brought home when we realized that we could not even find seeds in the district - seeds were gathered, planted and what a bountiful harvest! 
However, let us remain conscious that at this time, it is these `super' foods that are leading the fight against the chemical filled intake that is destroying our bodies and importantly, our planet. ⁣
Be part of this change and make conscious choices! 

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