Forest Plants Of The Nilgiris (Southern Region)
Forest Plants Of The Nilgiris (Southern Region)
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Forest Plants Of The Nilgiris (Southern Region)

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Field guide on the forest plants of the Southern Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve.

This is the third in a series of publications about the flora of this region. These books are an effort at increasing interest in wild and native plants amongst non specialists. The Southern Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve hosts a variety of habitats, ranging from dry deciduous to grasslands to riparian forest types and is one of the lesser known regions of the Reserve. Plants of the Pillur region are mainly recorded in this publication. Information about the plants of Pillur was collected over several years of field work related to forest products, wild bee foraging plants, edible wild plants, ecological monitoring by local people and other ecological studies conducted by Keystone Foundation. The adivasi people of Pillur Valley, viz. the Irula, have been our partners in this undertaking.