Honeycomb Soap Combo - Lemongrass & Rose, 100g Each

Organic beeswax handmade soap with the piquant aroma of lemongrass. These beeswax handmade soaps are made to keep your skin as happy as your wallet. All-natural and made with the highest quality beeswax. 

Lemongrass - Aromatherapy - Lemongrass has wonderful aromatherapy properties, is antibacterial and antifungal. It's extremely cleansing, cleaning out the pores in your skin! 

Rose - Antioxidant Properties - Rose is a powerful antioxidant, it is extremely effective at combating the signs of aging!

Sustainably Harvested - The beeswax in this handmade soap is collected sustainably from the forest, it is a by-product of raw honey collected from the forest!  

Fair Payment - With each purchase of these soaps, you give back to the community and the women who work hard behind these products. 

Uniform Infusion Process - The lemongrass oil used in this handmade soap is infused uniformly, ensuring you get the best out of it! 

Long-Lasting - These beeswax soaps are long-lasting, with the flavor and moisturizing properties remaining rich from the first use until the last! 

Natural Moisturizing Properties - Beeswax has natural moisturizing properties, bringing you the magic of the forest for your personal care! 

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