The bitter taste of honey

It was the year 1995 and we had just started buying honey. Every small amount, an investment into what we believed. 

Overnight, you realize that we are sitting on nearly 700 kg of `bitter' honey! Something really odd and completely beyond our understanding, wasn't honey supposed to be sweet?

Plans were hatched to secretly dump these 700 kg into some valley - the shame was too much to bear. However, dame luck visited us in the form of a friend who just went gaga over this : `marmalade-like-not-so-sweet-honey'! 

It saved the day and our hide and overnight it became a sensation and something that defined Keystone Foundation and Last Forest! 

It respected the diversity and richness of the community and the species of flowers that brought us this unique honey. We learnt that not everything fits into pre-conceived ideas! 

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